Tina Bakalla is a Demartini Method Facilitator.
Tina Specialties:
tinaphoto2 2·         Grief Transformation

·         Loss Transformation
·         Teenager grief Transformation
·         Emotional release after the Loss of a pet

Tina can help you:
·         Releasing symptoms of grief
·         Releasing symptoms of Financial/relationship loss.
·         Dissolving felling of guilt around grief/loss

Tina’s passion is helping her clients to experience amazing life changes and transformation. She excels in giving people, struggling with the difficult emotions of grief and loss, the breakthrough they need to reach a new level of clarity and freedom.

Tina trained through the Demartini Institute. She certified as a trained Demartini Facilitator. She has worked with many of the Demartini Institute clients over the last 3 years, facilitating them through the Breakthrough Method®

“After suffering several forms of Loss and grief, I searched for answers and discovered the Demartini Method®, a transformation experience which dissolves any challenge, any problem or any issue and is particularly suited for releasing grief”.

The grief transformation process is like being hit by a bolt of lightning. There is an inexplicable moment of realisation that nothing is ever missing. You will discover that the events of life have a deeper meaning that allows your heart to open up and release the pain, guilt or anger.

Though out the session your conscious awareness will shift and you will start to see a different side to your grief that allows the emotions to be released leaving you in a state of love, peace and acceptance without the pain.”

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