Elvira Zilliacus – Genetic Counselling & Kinesiologist

Elvira brings over 15 years of experience working in genetic counselling and research. She specialises in providing a body-mind approach to wellness, working at every level from DNA to Spirit through a combination of kinesiology and nutrigenomics.  She is also a FitGenes Practitioner. With her background in research, she knows the importance of science-based treatment […]

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Constipation: An unsavory topic? Or necessary.

By Katika Funnell – Acupuncturist

The Facts :
•    Various studies show that women experience constipation more than men.
•    Rates as high as two thirds of women were said to experience constipation from a survey conducted by Gut Foundation on 1,300 women.
•    1 in 3 people are too embarrassed to discuss constipation with their friends or family.
•    1 in 5 people say constipation stops them from exercising or engaging in social activities.
•    Research shows there are misconceptions about Constipation and the use of Laxatives to treat it.

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Ammata Phathanak – Psychologist

Ammata is a Registered Psychologist with over 12 years as a Mental Health practitioner. Ammata’s professional experience also extends further, combined with over 17 years of nursing as a Registered Nurse specialising in Aged and Palliative Care. Ammata’s warmth counselling style complements her strengths-based approach to therapy. Passionate about her clinical work to respectfully help […]