Genetic Testing for Wellness & Health.

Genetic Testing: Want better wellness? Know thyself (genetically!).

So you are serious about getting healthy. You take the correct supplements, have a rigorous weekly exercise regime, have a healthy diet and get a good night’s sleep. Yet you don’t feel as well as you think you should. You have low to moderate energy levels, you can’t shake excess weight or you have achy joints and muscles. Or possibly all of the above and more. After trying different supplements, diets and exercise, you feel defeated or at least frustrated. Have you ever considered that some aspect of your genetic make-up and how they are expressed or not could be holding you back from achieving your optimum wellness?

While we all share the same genetic code, the same genes. We each have our own individual variations within these genes that create our unique physiological and psychological make-up. In fact our genes by themselves do not lead to definite expressions alone but rather it is the influence of environmental factors such as diet, lifestyle and pollution that ‘up’ or ‘down’ regulate how many of our genes are expressed. You may, for example, have a genetic predisposition towards lower cellular metabolism, lower fat metabolism and therefore increased weight but if you know this you can counter it with the type of interventions that can affect genetic expression and thereby reduce your weight.

As a kinesiologist and genetic education professional, I understand first-hand the benefits of knowing what your genetic predisposition is to achieving wellness. I offer genetic screening, not for the risk of specific diseases or conditions but for the fundamental processes that underpin our physiological and mental wellbeing. Screening looks at your genetic blueprint for inflammation, oxidation, allergies, methylation, immunity, blood pressure, weight management and fat metabolism, as well as other processes. By looking at you genetic code I can tell if you are at an elevated risk in a range of markers for wellbeing and what type of intervention, dietary, supplements, exercise and lifestyle that would best work with your genes to achieve optimum wellbeing.

If you would like to take a strategic approach to improving your wellness and choosing the most effective interventions, then a simple genetic test (saliva) and a consultation may be the answer.
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