Cosmetic Acupuncture for Eye Bags.

How do your eyes look in the morning? Puffy or baggy? Many of us don't wake looking refreshed and glowing in the morning. There's a natural method to help your complexion using Cosmetic Acupuncture for eye bags. Let's take a look at the Acupuncture approach to eye bags.

Cosmetic Acupuncture (also called Facial rejuvenation) isn't a new development. It's actually been around for a lot longer than you think. The ancient Chinese culture documented and reported on using Acupuncture to brighten the complexion and improve circulation to the face.


Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural way to help your face look and feel better. It's performed by Registered Acupuncture Practitioners. They use finer-than-usual acupuncture needles (some 0.12mm wide) in specific points in the face. They have an understanding of the anatomy of the face and muscles to know how to properly insert the needles.


How Chinese Medicine interprets eye bags

Actually eye bags are viewed differently to puffy eyes. Eye bags are a result of the skin not being nourished and the thin skin of the eyes will reveal blood vessels and dark colouring. The circulation around the eyes is poor or even stagnant and needs stimulating to improve tone and colouring of the skin under the eyes.


Puffy eyes is stagnation of a different kind - dampness. When you hear dampness, think fluid retention, swelling and poor lymphatic drainage. This may also show up as puffiness in the face as well as the eyes.


Circulation is something that responds relatively faster than collagen or elastin when it comes to Acupuncture. 4-6 sessions would help change the appearance of eye bags and potentially puffiness around the eyes.


Leave your eye baggage behind

Using Cosmetic Acupuncture for eye bags, a qualified practitioner would needle below and above the eye ad even close to the mouth. But don't be alarmed, the points used are on the orbit or bone that the eyeball sits inside. Your delicate eye is left completely alone. Let's show you a diagram to explain.

Cosmetic Acupuncture for eye bags

I use the finest needles available at a thin 0.12mm wide to needle under the orbit, and a regular 0.16-0.14mm needle on the brow and near the mouth. The needles are inserted quickly and retained for about 25 minutes.


Other facial points are used depending on what else you want to work on using Cosmetic Acupuncture. It could be the forehead, fine lines, the jaw or mouth.


Then body acupuncture would be applied last more as a support for the facial treatment - this could be using points to stimulate better sleep, more energy, calming the nerves and managing stress - all which affects our skin. Nourishment becomes a priority when adding body acupuncture to the facial acupuncture treatment and we use points that will achieve that best.


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