How to Become a Superhero.

Being a parent and working full time is REALLY hard work. Unless superheroes do in fact exist you’re probably feeling like the majority of most other people in your situation – that you just can’t seem to find work-life balance!


You’re feeling like a failure as a parent because you’re not present enough in your kid’s lives and when you are together you’re constantly nagging them to ‘hurry up’ for one thing or another - you’re just not fun anymore.


In turn, you start to resent work because you feel like they’re getting more time from you than your family!

If you can identify with this very typical household it's important to remember:

  1. you’re not alone
  2. it doesn’t need to be this way
  3. making a change is easy

5.20 am Alarm goes off.  It’s time to hit the gym for the 5.45am cycle class.

You hit the snooze button, just 5 more minutes, you’ll still make it. You’re far too tired from being up with child #2 wetting the bed at 2.08am and you didn’t get back to sleep until gone 3am, 5 extra minutes will make all the difference………….

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Truly yours x

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