Gratitude can be a powerful way of releasing some of the pain of grief.
Thanking the universe/god/heaven (whatever that is for you) for all the small thing in your life right now.

A hug from a friend.
A call from a family member.
Closer contact with the kids.
Being given the challenge to learn something new each day.
Realising how much strength you have.
Seeing life in a new light.

Learning to accept lifes lessons.
A deeper connection with life.
Understanding independence.
Becoming self-reliant.
Forcing yourself to get out and about.

A deeper understanding of unconditional love.
Learning to take control of your emotions.
Have more sympathy for others.
Knowing that others really care for you.
Appreciating each day as it comes.

The reminders of how someone affected your life.
How much someone loved you unconditionally.
Becoming present and aware of each moment.
The more important things in life
and many many many more.

Don’t just suffer your grief work on releasing it and it will clear faster

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Tina Bakalla

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