Grief Relief

The triggers for grief are the things we “miss” It’s, the walks, the talks, the hugs.


Believing that only time can heal grief stagnates the healing process. Often, we believe grief is about missing someone but in truth we usually only miss the good things.

Two universal laws to neutralize grief quickly:

The first states nothing is ever missing, it transforms. So find who now hugs us, talks and walks with us.

Searching deep in to the conscious to see how this relationship has re-spawned will help balance the awareness and release the emotional charge.

The second: the law of yin yang. Everything has 2 sides that are intrinsically linked.
Something we like and believe serves us equally is a disservice. Walks become too long, talks become arguments and the unwanted hug!. Understanding both sides expand our conscious and release the attached emotions of grief.

Release your grief today.