By Linda Funnell-Milner, Nutritionist

Read this article if you’re experiencing insomnia – whether it be tossing and turining during the night or trouble falling asleep. Linda has included a questionnaire for those having trouble getting a restful night’s sleep.

During sleep the body undertakes mental and physical restoration and repair. It is one of the body’s most amazing ways of rejuvenating and healing itself.

The intricacies involving the exact role for sleep are still being studied worldwide by scientist but they do involve memory consolidation, and the release of hormones involved in the regulation of growth and appetite.

New Research even shows that sleep may be one mechanism during which the brain promotes the clearance of neurotoxins implicated in the development of neuro degenerative diseases.

Many things can cause insomnia and sleep difficulties:

·         Acute and chronic stress

·         Stimulants such as caffeine

·         Anxiety, jet lag or shift work (which disturb natural circadian rhythms)

·         Drug and alcohol use or withdrawal symptoms

·         Medication for chronic pain, muscular skeletal disorders etc.

·         Being overweight

·         Sleep apnoea

The good news is that sleep difficulties can be overcome. You can reset sleep patterns and return to that wonderful feeling of having ‘slept like a baby’.

As a nutritionist I can assist you in the following ways:

1.       Review of your sleeping environment and sleep hygiene

2.       Review of your nutrition intake

3.       Advise you on available herbal sleep formulas that can assist in the short term to reset your internal clock.

Want to know more?
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