posture related injuries

How Technology has contributed to our posture.

A large proportion of injuries presented to me in clinic relate to this issue. In the past, most of these have been caused by the adoption of poor posture in the workplace – whether that work entails operating machinery or sitting at a desk. I’ve spoken previously about ways to improve posture at work. More recently, I have noticed that problems are not purely down to posture in the workplace, but are also impacted by the way we interact with and use modern technology.

The rise of the smartphone and tablet has been huge. It wasn’t too long ago that owning a mobile phone was rare and only a very short time ago that we all got to own one, but we tended to use it only for voice communication. Now, smartphones and tablets are mini-computers, diaries, cameras, video players, libraries, dictionaries, planners and social communicators. Soon they will replace wallets and purses too with payment technology built in. There’s no getting away from it – they are fundamental tools in the modern world – we’d be lost without them.

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Posture is a big focus of Osteopathy. To help realign the spine & muscles and get people walking more freely and comfortably is the aim of an Osteopathic session with Vanessa. She will go through a full case history, do a physical assessment to check your shoulders and pelvic alignment. All the time looking for where things are tight and preventing free and easy movement within the gait or posture.

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