Elvira Zilliacus – Genetic Counselling & Kinesiologist

Elvira brings over 15 years of experience working in genetic counselling and research. She specialises in providing a body-mind approach to wellness, working at every level from DNA to Spirit through a combination of kinesiology and nutrigenomics.  She is also a FitGenes Practitioner.

With her background in research, she knows the importance of science-based treatment plans. However, as a mother of three, she knows that change has to happen in the real world, and her focus is on easy-to-adopt changes that will bring the body back into its own natural harmony.

“I am passionate about helping my clients achieve wellness at every level.”

In practice, Elvira is particularly interested in offering support in the following areas:
•    Pregnancy planning
•    Healthy weight management
•    Inherited conditions
•    Digestive problems
•    Stress management

Call reception on (02) 9938 1090 to make a booking with Elvira today