Asparagus and Feta Tart With Spring comes and abundance of Asparagus because it's in season, not to mention lots of health benefits too. What to do with so many bunches of asparagus? Make an asparagus and feta tart of course! Being green and like its other green friends such as leafy greens, brassica family and aromatic […]

Simple Quiche Recipe Do you find yourself with too much of one ingredient sometimes? If you grow your own veggies, its often that you have a lot of one thing all at once. Are you googling what to do with a lot of onions...herbs or spinach? Well if it's vegetables that are taking up room in […]

In TCM, warming Yang of the Spleen is a strategy for clients who experience bloating, weight gain, fluid retention and fatigue. Here's a Red lentil dish I love making but I'm wanting to highlight the brilliant use of warming Yang herbs that make something like this, Spleen food at its best.