Chinese Herbal Medicine.

What are Chinese Herbs?

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of holistic medicine on the planet. With records dating back thousands of years, Chinese herbal medicine uses Chinese herbs (such as Ginseng, Astragalus, and many others) to naturally repair the body and promote health and longevity without the use of chemicals and other manmade pharmaceuticals.

With this system of natural, holistic healing there is a wide variety of different Chinese herbs for different medical conditions and health issues; by using the correct amount of Chinese herbs, plants, and even animal products you can restore balance to your body, cure ailments, and promote health.

What exactly are the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine dates back for millennia and during that time there have been millions of Chinese herbal practitioners discovering, documenting, and perfecting the relationships between Chinese herbs and health. Now Modern Science is constantly analysing the benefits of Chinese Herbs with clinical trials. Some of the specific issues that Chinese herbal medicine can help with are:

Fertility – If you are trying to conceive and are having difficulties, certain mixtures of Chinese herbs can promote fertility and greatly increase the chance of pregnancy.

Insomnia – Chinese herbal medicine is great for anyone that has trouble sleeping at night. Many formulas to treat insomnia include teas with sedative properties as well as Suan Zao Ren – a herb that promotes circulation and blood flow. By understanding your body and bringing it back into balance with naturally occurring herbs you can finally get the rest you need.

Menopause – to manage ot flushes and sleeplessness, hormone changes and mood swings.

PMT – To help regulate hormones, breast tenderness, pain, to manage irritability and teariness of women during this time in the month.

And many, many more ailments… – Regardless of your ailment, Chinese herbal medicine can help you find some relief.  Traditional Chinese herbal therapy can bring your body back into balance, promote health, and cure the issues you are having.

How do I get the right Chinese herbs for me?

If you are in the Allambie Heights, Brookvale, Manly, or Dee Why area make an appointment with the Family Wellness Centre. We are dedicated to a natural, holistic approach to healing. Call Katika on  0414 459 659 and book an appointment today. Want to book online? Click here.

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