Sports Nutrition.

What if you're NOT an athelete? Can you still successfully compete AND complete in Endurance races? Absolutely. With the help of Carbs...let's take a closer look.

Endurance Training for an event such as Coastrek or Oxfam Trailwalker can unleash a beast within us. We want to achieve great things, that are almost inconceivable such as 50km or 100km distances. We want to prove to ourselves we can do something tough and hard and challenging. We want to test our limits and […]

This summer I fractured my ankle doing extreme gardening. A simple slip sent me over and I badly sprained my ankle, later to be diagnosed as a fracture. Of course your first aid R.I.C.E.R. treatment is essential right away: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation & Referral. But there’s more you can do to speed recovery. Here’s how I managed my injury using Natural Therapies.