Sports Injuries.

What evidence is there that Acupuncture or cupping therapy be used to help the muscle recovery process with sports injuries? If muscle recovery is taking longer than usual, it's essential to reassess the injury and consider additional interventions to support the healing process. Let's look at some strategies that can be helpful.

Are you hobbling around wondering what’s going on with your heel? Does it feel like some sharp pain is driving into your foot? Or you have a diagnosis and need some pain relief in your foot? Acupuncture has some relief solutions to people experiencing Heel and foot pain, so let’s take a look at the ways […]

Have you ever injured your elbow and found you suddenly lose strength in lifting things? Or wake up with a sore elbow and have no idea why it's so sore? Tennis elbow could be the answer and it can be easily relieved with Acupuncture.

Caffeine is a drug. A very useful drug in fact, under specific conditions. How about using it to your advantage in an Endurance Race? It's not such a bad thing when you use it this way...

Energy & Stamina - they're crucial in getting you over the finish line in any high intensity sport or endurance race. How do you keep stamina & energy levels high throughout an event? What are people doing wrong that you should be avoiding? Let's take a closer look...

This summer I fractured my ankle doing extreme gardening. A simple slip sent me over and I badly sprained my ankle, later to be diagnosed as a fracture. Of course your first aid R.I.C.E.R. treatment is essential right away: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation & Referral. But there’s more you can do to speed recovery. Here’s how I managed my injury using Natural Therapies.