Tennis Elbow and Acupuncture.

Have you ever injured your elbow and found you suddenly lose strength in lifting things? Or wake up with a sore elbow and have no idea why it's so sore? Tennis elbow could be the answer and it can be easily relieved with Acupuncture.

Tennis elbow doesn't always have to do with playing tennis. Any overuse of your forearm or specifically your extensor muscle group can lead to a sore elbow joint mainly to do with tendonitis occurring there.

I've worked with many clients for this condition and they have a whole range of jobs from Manual labourers and Tradies to Hairdressers, Musicians and Child Care workers. Any resisted movement in your daily routine or job can over time lead to a tight forearm and a pulled and inflamed tendon at the elbow.

Acupuncture is good at settling down inflammation and can be a straight forward way to help your elbow recover.

By inserting tiny needles at the crook of the elbow, and some points up and down the arm, the acupuncture aims to calm inflammation, direct blood flow into the local area to encourage healing, release tight overused muscles in the area and relieve pain. Massage can also help to support this process.

Electro-Acupuncture (EA) can be used to enhance the pain relief effect. Needles retained for 15-20 mins is enough to start the recovery process and give you some immediate relief.

For chronic and acute Tennis elbow I would suggest 3-5 sessions to begin with. This lets the practitioner assess how quickly your body is responding to the Acupuncture. Some Acute cases can be resolved by the 3rd session, others take a little bit longer. Chronic cases would definitely need a minimum of 5 sessions to break down the tight muscles that have been contracted and holding tension for so long.

For relief of Tennis Elbow, book a 1 hr Acupuncture Appointment here online. The session will include a full case history, Acupuncture and Massage. For more information, please call the clinic on 9938 1090 today.


tennis elbow acupuncture

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