How Relaxed Are You When You're Sleeping? After a full night’s sleep, do you wake in the morning exhausted? Or STILL feeling tired? The effects of stress or an unrested mind doesn’t necessarily stop once your head hits the pillow. Sleep Disorders called Parasomnias happen to you whilst you sleep and can cause fatigue. They […]

Katika going on Maternity Leave in July 2021 Andrew and I are excited to be welcoming a new addition to our family in August this year. I'm FINISHING UP CLINIC ON Thursday JULY 15th. What if you need ongoing treatment? Read on to find out where to go.

When newbies take on an Endurance race either as a personal goal, New Year's Resolution or as part of an ongoing fitness regime, they can bite off more than they can chew. The well-worn veterans in Endurance Racing know this stuff inside out and include it in their training programs because they know there's more to […]

One of the biggest threats to any endurance race is Blisters. Therefore knowing how to prevent blisters can give you the edge in the race and avoid a lot of unecessary pain. There's no way I can be considered as an elite athlete, nor an endurance race junkie. But I do have two big events […]

The pain of Plantar Fasciitis is sharp and agonising, with each step producing a sharp stabbing sensation.  In this article we look at some strategies for people with Plantar Fasciitis when they think they've tried everything.

Does Acupuncture hurt? This is probably the most common question when it comes to Acupuncture. People have amazing imaginations in conjuring up all kinds of imagery when imagining what Acupuncture is really like. In this blogpost, we take a look at ways in which the practitioner can make Acupuncture a relaxing and comfortable experience for you.