Weight management.

Food Cravings of the unhealthy type can be a HUGE hurdle when it comes to weight loss and fat loss plans. But did you know...

It’s hard to lose weight when you’re fighting your genes. For many people, weight loss is a constant battle. They can see that diets work...

By  Linda Funnell-Milner - Clinical Hypnotherapist

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I often see people at this time of year who are anticipating the Christmas period with trepidation.... yes that is right, trepidation. They have weight and health goals that are just not consistent with all that food and alcohol.

Christmas is a time for family and friends and celebration. So here are a few tips based on the Mindfulness Eating technique I teach my clients for achieving all of their health goals.

1. It’s the holiday period – so enjoy the holiday. If you are relaxed around food and follow these easy suggestions you will stay in control