Are you a Slave to the Cravings?.

Food Cravings of the unhealthy type can be a HUGE hurdle when it comes to weight loss and fat loss plans. But did you know that your genetics could be the reason you crave food at the oddest of times or have stuggles losing weight altogether? In this post we look at some of the insightful information coming out of genetics about the inability to lose weight. Be sure to read to the end where Elvira, our Genetic Counsellor will give you a link to a FREE event in November about this ground-breaking info.

Are you a Slave to the Crave?

What’s your Achilles heel when it comes to food? What’s your poison? What would make you feel slightly anxious if I told you that you couldn’t eat that any more?

Almost everyone has a craving – a food crush – a secret pleasure that they don’t want to, or can’t, give up.  And in one sneaky session, it can undo all your good work.

But did you ever think that what you’re longing for could be driven by your own genes?  Here are the top 3 culprits for diet sabotage driven by your DNA that we look for:

  1. FTO – The ‘fat gene’, named for its strong association with obesity. This is the gene that drives your appetite for high fat/high sugar foods. Basically it loves calories, and loves to keep them on your hips, thighs and belly.
  2. DRD2 – Dopamine receptor gene. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy. It’s the reward hormone and it will drive you to crave carbohydrates and fast food, particularly if you’re feeling stressed or unhappy. This is the prime culprit in comfort eating.
  3. LEPR – The leptin receptor gene. Leptin tells your brain when you’ve eaten enough and it’s time to get active. But if your LEPR gene isn’t working well, your brain won’t get the message properly and you’ll just keep feeling hungry, and keep eating.

The good news is that when you work from your DNA blueprint, you have the power to change the the way your genes express and to overcome these ‘fat genes’.  Using specific nutritional, exercise and lifestyle strategies, tailored to your profile, you can take back control, and watch the cravings fall away.

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