blood sugar.

By Linda Funnell-Milner, Functional Nutritionist "I’ve Tried Every Diet and none of them work." Does this sound like you? Losing weight is not always easy and some diets get good results early but then don’t deliver from week 4 or 5 onwards.

If you feel guilty about eating chocolate, are a self-confessed chocaholic or struggle with food cravings, this post is for you. I’m a Nutritionist that says YOU CAN eat some chocolate. Cocoa Flavanols, some of the active components found in dark chocolate have benefits for human health. To the tantalising delight of chocolate lovers everywhere, […]

Sweet Laughs Over 'Hidden Sugar' That Sugar Film by Australian Actor Damon Gameau is for the brave and courageous for two reasons. (1)There's a memorable dentist scene that hits home with the message of the film, (2)You're willing and open to thinking about & questioning what's in the things you eat. Read on to hear […]