That Sugar Film – Review.

Sweet Laughs Over 'Hidden Sugar'

That Sugar Film by Australian Actor Damon Gameau is for the brave and courageous for two reasons.

(1)There's a memorable dentist scene that hits home with the message of the film,
(2)You're willing and open to thinking about & questioning what's in the things you eat.

Read on to hear more about the film and Hidden Sugar.

Many people don't want to know, don't want the lecture or are scared to find out what it is that they're putting in their mouths. This is why changing dietary habits is one of the most challenging things a person can do. But its also the most rewarding as it gives you freedom from vices that often have had you in its grip.

I've had struggles with a sweet tooth. It seems to "run in the family" and from a very early age. But I do have a choice and this is what the film helped me realise. I was addicted and I could feel a whole lot better thatn I currently was.

That Sugar Film follows Damon as he goes on an AVERAGE sugar diet. He bases his daily intake of sugar on the Australian daily average - 40 teaspoons a day. And this is NOT INCLUDING eating ice-cream, chocolate, confectionery.

You'll find out:

  • What "Mountain Dew Mouth" is
  • What hidden sugars are lurking in some "health foods"
  • Why all calories are NOT created equal
  • The effects on the body of sugar and
  • The final weigh-in and blood test results.

Described as "A defnite Must-see" by Jamie Oliver, ignore the SMH reviews (I think they're biased) and go along for some laughs and serious messages about where we're heading as a society. He explores the more serious links to heart disease, fatty liver and renal failure and the signs that fly under the radar such as moodiness, insomnia, lethargy & brain fog.

The surprising thing is Damon doesn't change his exercise regime or the number of calories he eats- only the TYPE of calories (sugar laden foods) and the results are astonishing. This is a good example of how important nutrition is!

If you need help sorting out your sugar addiction, or not sure and you're just feeling tired, run down, moody, sluggish or have gained a little around your middle, I encourage you to book in to see our Nutritionist, Emma Ellice-Flint. She will be your lifestyle coach, your pep squad and give you sound nutritional advice to help you make positive changes to your health & wellbeing. Emma is available Thursdays.

That Sugar Film - Selected cinemas from March 12.

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