Weight loss: Why Strategy Works and Diets Don’t..

By Linda Funnell-Milner, Functional Nutritionist

"I’ve Tried Every Diet and none of them work." Does this sound like you?
Losing weight is not always easy and some diets get good results early but then don’t deliver from week 4 or 5 onwards.
As a nutritionist I can tell you that losing weight is a tricky business. There are many different ways people put weight on and there are just as many ways to take weight off. Predominantly it is about managing your blood sugar levels so that you don’t put weight on. It all depends on YOU!
There is no one diet that is going to work for everyone because emotionally and physiologically we are all different. You will need to become a ‘Weight loss Detective’.
The only strategy that works for each individual and is guaranteed to get results is
• Find a PLAN to manage your blood sugar levels, and
• Allows you to maintain your ideal body weight, and
• Stick to it long term.
Notice I use the word – PLAN. Losing weight and managing blood sugar levels involves strategies around eating, sleeping, stress management and exercise all in tandem with your genetic uniqueness. It also involves strategies to manage your inner critic and help that unhappy voice become the supportive inner coach.
I’m encouraging all clients to start your plan now, rather than wait until Summer.
On Thursday 29th June we will be holding a FREE seminar that will look at each aspect of weightloss and lifestyle to achieve your goal.

"Weight loss Detectives" is back by popular demand and we can't wait to see you there to discuss using genetic information to determine your best plan of attack when it comes to weightloss.
Dr. Elvira Zilliacus our Genetic Counsellor will join with me to take you through some well proven strategies to achieve your Weightloss goal. Recently Linda and Elvira were national finalists in the BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards for Innovation in Nutrition.
Remember it’s FREE to register and you can do so online by clicking here.

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