How Relaxed Are You When You're Sleeping? After a full night’s sleep, do you wake in the morning exhausted? Or STILL feeling tired? The effects of stress or an unrested mind doesn’t necessarily stop once your head hits the pillow. Sleep Disorders called Parasomnias happen to you whilst you sleep and can cause fatigue. They […]

Hot Flushes is not part of every woman's Menopausal Transition. There are a long list of signs and symptoms that may start once your cycle becomes more irregular again leading up to The Big Change of Life. Let's take a look at  how Acupuncture may help with symptomatic relief

Natural Medicine Week aims to educate and promote awareness about Natural Medicine in Australia. The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) is an association I'm a member of and have been for most of my practicing years since 2003. ATMS focuses on three areas of Natural Medicine: Ingestive - Naturopathy & Western Herbal Medicine Bodywork - […]

Sleep like a baby - How Ridiculous! It's an old saying to "sleep like a baby", but the fact of the matter is the majority of babies aren't great sleepers. In this post, we'll use babies as a GREAT example of our primal need for good sleep. You may think, but babies keep adults up […]

Tight and tense shoulders is a common complaint at the clinic, with people really battling pain, discomfort and sleeplessness as a result. Rather than suffer in silence we encourage people to ask for help to get on top of the problem sooner rather than later. Here are some of our best tips for tight shoulders.

By Katika Funnell - Acupuncturist Despite Doctors of Medicine discouraging the use of any supplements, herbs or complementary medicine (CAM) in regards to Cancer, you do have a choice. I'm not advocating using one OR the other, but using the best of BOTH worlds. My inspiration for this article is a recent seminar by Professor […]