Kids, Coughs & Colds: A Chinese Medicine Approach.

FAQ's For Parents Considering Natural Options For Their Child.

Children can often suffer with the change of season just as much as Adults. Congestion, Coughs, runny noses, wheezing, sneezing and more. In this article we discuss the strategies Chinese Medicine can offer to help kids deal with colds or build your child's immunity and the FAQ's that Parent's often have abut Acupuncture for kids.
Will Children sit still for Acupuncture?
Acupuncture can be used on children, safely. Yes, believe it or not its possible!
If old enough, children will happily sit still while acupuncture is being done to them, often asking lots of questions, curious as to how acupuncture works. I really welcome this natural curiosity in kids, as it starts to normalise in children's minds complementary medicine and looking after their health.

How long will the needles stay in?

Acupuncture treatments can be much shorter than with adults- often 15-30 mins is plenty for a child under ten years of age. In infants (6mths to 12 mths) and Toddlers (1yr-3 yrs) Acupuncture really becomes a quick process a treatment often lasting a few mins. The needles are gently and quickly inserted, stimulated for a few seconds and then removed. Needles aren't left in very long at all.
The acupuncture process to help relieve colds involves 2-3 treatments altogether if that, and the use of moxa and acupuncture if necessary.Chinese Medicine and the common cold:
We have call experienced the body aches, blocked nose, cough and sore throats that arise when we catch a cold or the latest train of flu virus.
According to Western Medicine, Colds and Flu are the greatest cause of absenteeism in the work place and schools with children suffering up to 6-8 times per year.
At this point in time there is no cure for the common cold and flu, yet acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have proven to strengthen the immune system and reduce the severity of symptoms and the recovery time of a cold once it has been contracted.Early treatment is the key:
Preventative treatment is most beneficial during a seasonal change or if you know that you are usually prone to catching anything that is going around.
Research has shown that Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs stimulate immunity by increasing levels of white blood cells including T cells, monocytes, leukocytes and lymphocytes as well as interferon (proteins with anti viral activity) and various antibodies.Once your child has a cold:
On the other hand if your child does come down with colds, the key to nipping it in the bud is getting treatment as early as possible to enable a quick recovery.

How can Chinese Medicine help my child?

I find eliminating phlegm is the most common way I can help give a child relief from a cold. Helping them breathe a little clearer, ease sinus pressure from congestion, or help them cough up phlegm more easily all benefits the child.Besides encouraging sweating, there are acupuncture points and herbs that aim to stop pain and expel phlegm from the chest and calm down a cough.

If you're looking to give your child a natural option for cold, cough or sinus relief, consider acupuncture (they might suprise you!) or Chinese Herbal Medicine as part of your Winter strategy.

Herbs and Acupuncture can make for an effective preventative plan or even help when you think nothing else has stopped the phlegm and coughing.

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