Katika now on Maternity leave until Jan 2022.

I'm now on Maternity Leave until Jan 2022. With one day left of work, I'm signing off for 6 months! Thankyou for all you kind words of support and well wishes.

After drawing up a list of recommended practitioners I've been in touch with some of them and one (Sue Booth) is no longer local. So I've updated that list to include two new practitioners for the Upper Northern Beaches.

  1. Tsering Gendun in Warriewood 0401 767 885
  2. Karen Van Der Veen in Mona Vale 0418 845 729

If you have any trouble finding a practitioner in this or other areas, feel free to sms me on 0414 459 659 and I'll help you find someone.

Ezybook will remain accessible, but I have blocked out my weeks and months until January 2022. So you can hop online closer to my return and book yourself in for a New Year appointment with me. If there are any updates, news or changes to my maternity leave dates, I will post here, on the clinic Facebook page and via the email newsletter.

Stay safe and well regarding the Covid situation. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

All the best,


Maternity Leave

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