Weightloss detectives: Power up your Genes for Greater Success.

Let me ask you a question. How long has it been since you felt good in your body? I mean really good.

Are you waiting till summer, hoping you can hide under winter woollies before you think about the next diet?

If you made the commitment to finally fit into that favourite dress again – you know the one in the back of the wardrobe waiting for that magic day - would you cut calories, hit the gym, or try a detox diet?

Or would you get clever?

Let me help you out by sharing a secret - It’s hard to lose weight when you’re fighting your genes.

Keeping a healthy weight is more than just calories in and calories out. For everything you eat, your body activates its genetic code to control whether energy will be burned or stored as fat, the speed of your metabolism, whether you’ll be a ‘pear’ and ‘apple’ or some other shape, even down to how hungry you are and what food choices you’re likely to make.

To be clever about losing weight, we need to get to the underlying cause. Those extra kilos could be because of:

  1. Diet and food choices: Obviously if you’re eating too much and you’re making poor food choices you will put on weight. But did you know there are genes that drive food choices towards high fat/high sugar choices and comfort eating?
  2. Inflammation: One of the hidden causes of weight gain is systemic inflammation. Not only will it add kilos, left untreated, it will increase your risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression to name a few.
  3. Hormones: Particularly for women, weight can be a lot more about an underlying hormone imbalance than what’s on your plate.
  4. Detox pathways: Love your liver and even more so, love your detox genes! If your body is trying to protect you from toxins, it will retain water and store toxins in fat so it’s important to optimise your detox pathways to get rid of toxins as efficiently as possible.
  5. Food intolerances: gluten and dairy are brilliant at adding kilos. Coupled with leaky gut or poor digestion, this can be a recipe for love handles, fatigue and brain fog!

How do you know what the underlying issue is for you? Your DNA blueprint shows us exactly where your body needs support so we can make the biggest difference quickly. When you know what you’re working with, you can design your own wellbeing. You’re in control.

As Weight Loss Detectives, we are looking to find the root cause – the key – that will unlock vitality, confidence and your best body shape. We look at your genetic profile, your diet and lifestyle and create a strategy tailor-made to work with your unique needs.

If you’re interested in finding out what your body needs, join us on June 29th for ‘Weight loss Detectives’ to discover how your own DNA blueprint for health and a targeted nutrition and lifestyle plan can help you design your best body today.

You don’t need to wait till summer to feel lighter, stronger and energized. Book your seat today by clicking here and let us show you how Winter is the best time to start designing your Wellbeing.

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