5 Tips on How to Enjoy a Healthy Christmas.

By  Linda Funnell-Milner - Clinical Hypnotherapist

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I often see people at this time of year who are anticipating the Christmas period with trepidation.... yes that is right, trepidation. They have weight and health goals that are just not consistent with all that food and alcohol.

Christmas is a time for family and friends and celebration. So here are a few tips based on the Mindfulness Eating technique I teach my clients for achieving all of their health goals.

1. It’s the holiday period – so enjoy the holiday. If you are relaxed around food and follow these easy suggestions you will stay in control



2. Eat when you are hungry. When you have had enough, stop eating. This will mean that you will always have just enough appetite for the next round of visitors.

It is just fine for you to indulge your favourite holiday foods in moderation. Stay away from the high sugar foods of which there are probably ten on the table, especially if you really don’t value them (sugar actually make you feel hungrier). Pick just one or two and then share the portion.


3. Eat slowly – this will mean you can politely decline every second plate of canapés or goodies you are offered. When you have had enough – stop eating no matter who is offering you another piece of Christmas cake (sorry GrandmaJ)


4. Drink lots of water (especially between alcohol drinks) so that you remain hydrated. This will also help you be aware of the level of your hunger – 70% of the time you’re actually thirsty.


5. Agree to be the designated driver. Must drive - must not drink.

If saying NO would hurt people’s feelings, explain that you have had a lot to eat already but would love to take some home so that you can try it later and really appreciate the full taste when you are hungry - ask for a ‘doggy bag’.


If you go to a festive occasion and have a strategy that doesn’t quite work.... be kind to yourself and start the next day with renewed enthusiasm.

BTW – if you know the challenges of over eating and drinking during this season – It will be challenging for others also. When you are the one providing the Christmas Fare ... be generous and be kind, choose the menu carefully.

Linda Funnell-Milner is the Clinical Hypnotherapist at the FWC. She specializes in Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Stress Management, Grief Management, all Fears and Phobias. Call for an appointment.


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