Acupuncture & Pregnancy.

Going through IVF treatment, Morning Sickness or Pelvic Pain? Have a Breech presentation or want to try and avoid a caesarian? So you've heard that other women are using Acupuncture during Pregnancy. Want to know more about it? Here's some more information & research studies to help broaden your understanding of how we can help you.

Before Pregnancy

There are acupuncture treatment protocols that can provide support during:

During Pregnancy

Also, Acupuncture can be safely used during all stages of pregnancy for the following:

Important Distinction: What's most important is that you seek acupuncture from a registered Acupuncturist. Its about knowing which acupoints are appropriate and safe during the different stages of Pregnancy and a registered acupuncturist will know this. A dry needling practitioner or massage therapist doesn't know which points are safe and when, so it could be for something as simple as a treatment for shoulder pain that could put you at risk of miscarriage. So be careful! There are contrandicated points during pregnancy and its all about the acupoint's energetic action.

But lets get back to the things we can help you with. In the beginning there was morning sickness...

Morning sickness - Clinical research has been conducted many time over the point Neiguan. Not only used for morning sickness, but post-operative nausea, motion sickness and general nausea, Neiguan is highly effective.There are other nausea protocols used during pregnancy that are safe for the baby as well as mum. References:

Breech PresentationZhiYin is a point that has intrigued researchers for decades. This one point is known to help initiate the turning of a baby in breech position. Reference:

Cervical Ripening - Sometimes called "Pre-Birth Acupuncture" this strategy helps start to relax your muscles and your cervix. That it relaxes your mind is a bonus. During these treatments the baby may drop lower and start to engage further. Reference:

Labour Induction - This acupuncture protocol is specifically designed to stimulate uterine contractions. Acupuncture points have different actions; some lift the energy, some move your energy in a downwards motion. For labour induction we want to direct your energy downwards, resulting in the baby moving low enough to initiate labour. References: World Health Organisation Information Portal (Chapter 2.8)


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