3 Day Juice & Soup Fast.

3 Day Juice & Soup Fast for Rebooting your system as seen in the Joe Cross film "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead".

Some Juicing Tips:

  • Please consult a Naturopath or Nutritionist before starting your juice fast to ensure you're body will cope.
  • Juice doesn't count as water, make sure, you're still drinking water throughout the day
  • More tips below....

More Tips:

  • Hunger can be a sign of dehydration, if hungry, drink water or another juice.
  • Pregnant women should not do a Juice Fast of any kind\
  • Adding Soups such as Miso and Water based Veg soups can be a good alternative for juice in the evening.
  • Juicing doesn't suit all body types.
  • Raw juices, according to Chinese Medicine are cold and draining in nature. Therefore, its great for people who have hot body types, heat flushes, fiery tempers, irritability, mental fogginess, red complexion and excessive sweating. Colder body types may fast under supervision of a GP or health therapist, but soups would be  the more sensible option.
  • Detoxing after alcohol or cigarettes needs supervision by a health professional- withdrawal symptoms may occur and you need support to deal with these. Keep pushing through them, with advice.


Carrot Apple Ginger Juice 

3 Carrots, 2 Apples, 1” Ginger

Mean Green Juice

1 Cucumber, 4 Celery stalks, 2 Apples, 6-8 leaves Kale, 1/2 Lemon, 1” Ginger


Gazpacho Juice
4 Plum Tomatoes, 1 lg Cucumber, 2 Celery stalks, 1 Red Bell Pepper, 1⁄4 sm Red Onion, 2 cups Parsley (leaves and stems, roughly chopped), 1 Lime


2 Apple, 4 Carrots, 2 Beets, 6 leaves swiss chard, 1′′ Ginger root

Sunset Blend Juice

1 lg Sweet Potato
1 med Carrot
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 lg Red Beets
2 Golden Delicious Apples                                              1 Orange (optional)

Green Lemonade

1 Green Apple, 1 1⁄2 cups Spinach 6-8 Kale leaves, 1⁄2 Cucumber, 4 Celery stalks, 1⁄2 Lemon

Everest Electrical's Custom Built Tradie Juice

My other half (an electrician) got into the juicing so much, he designed his own favourite for blokes like him. He said it tasted good; "more of a morning boost than a coffee." So guys, give it a try!

3 carrots, 2 tomatoes, 2 red capsicums, 1 beetroot, 1"ginger, 1/2 brown onion


Soups for evening meals:

Pumpkin, Leek & Miso Soup

1 Cut of Kent Pumpkin, cubed

1 Leek, finely sliced

2-3 garlic cloves, crushed.

1tblsp white miso paste (fresh)

Method: 1. Boil water, add salt to taste and Pumpkin. Cook until soft. 2. Satue the leek and garlic. 3. Strain a little water (not all of it for ease of blending) 4.Add Leek mixture to the Pumpkin and miso & Blend.

Carrot & Rosemary Soup

Serves 4

1 medium onion, thinly sliced
2 tblsp olive oil
8 medium carrots sliced
2 cups stock
1 tsp fresh ginger, grated or minced
1 tblsp fresh Thyme or Rosemary leaves

1. In a large saucepan, cook the onion in the olive oil until transleucent.
2. Add the carrots and stock and simmer until soft.
3. Puree the carrot mixture in batches in a food processor/blender and transfer the puree back into the saucepan.
4. Add the ginger and herbs and simmer stirring for about 10 min.

References: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Website & Reboot with Joe Website

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