Toxicity: Life in a Chemical Soup.


The complexities of contemporary chronic illness and syndromes -  for example, ADHD,  IBS, has led natural medicine practitioners to question the underlying causes of such conditions. One of the contributing factors is now thought to be the ill effects of chronic toxicity. Lee Formica, Homeopath talks about Toxicity & the effects on your health.

ADHD,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Hypersensitivity “Allergy” Disorders – has led us to question the underlying causes, the contributing factors now thought to be the ill effects of chronic toxicity. Toxicity includes mineral overload, heavy metal accumulation, chemical exposures, iatrogenic toxicity (for example, long term use of ‘the pill’ and other medications), plus the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation in sensitive individuals.

Copper Toxicity, ADHD & IBS

The most common elements found to accumulate in the body in toxic levels are cadmium, copper, lead and mercury. Unlike the ‘heavy metals’ in this list, copper is an essential micronutrient found in our healthy biochemistry and natural foods. However it is now thought that copper can commonly accumulate in the body in excess due to a number of factors including exogenous exposure, zinc deficiency and/ or a clear genetic predisposition. Copper toxicity, in particular, is now understood to be an important issue for understanding the symptoms of ADHD in both children and adults, in addition to Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Biliary Stasis particularly in young women.

The toxic effects of high copper levels include tics, restless limbs, restless sleep and insomnia, headaches, anxiety, ‘hyperactivity’ and poor concentration. Other symptoms include increased susceptibility to viral, yeast and fungal infections, and allergic hypersensitivity, for example to pollen as well as specific foods (especially high copper foods and salicylates). Diarrhoea and/or constipation, nausea, flatulence and abdominal pain may also be caused by copper toxicity, hence the implication of high copper levels in those suffering IBS-like symptoms.

Homeopathic Chelation Therapy

‘Chelation’ means to bind or to remove, and is used in homeopathy when symptoms are clearly caused by a single heavy metal or toxic element (confirmed through symptom-picture analysis, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or Spectrophotometry). Detoxification is (surprisingly) easily achieved through the prescription of a specific homeopathic chelate remedy, a few drops taken every second day, usually in conjunction with a case-specific constitutional remedy.  In this way the ‘toxic obstacle’ to healing is safely, gently and effectively removed without aggravation.

Lee Formica – registered homeopath BSW BHlthSci(ComplMed) AdvDipHom GCMHP

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