Quit Smoking Now.

Quit Smoking. Its a big breakthrough for anyone.

Going back to the beginning, when a person decides to have their first cigarette, they attach a ‘value’ to the experience. Perhaps they choose to try one in order to fit in or connect with their friends, perhaps it’s to rebel and feel independent or to take a risk and feel ‘free’. The value becomes embedded at the unconscious level and so smoking continues and becomes a habit.

There are actually three things that keep the habit or addiction of smoking in place.

  1. The ‘value’ placed on smoking: the emotional attachment to having a cigarette such as I feel less anxious, it’s sophisticated to smoke, I can’t quit smoking – I’m addicted, etc.
  2. The habit that support smoking: the things you always do while having a cigarette , such as taking a break at work, when you have a cup of coffee you light up, I need something to do with my hands, when get in my car to go to work you light up, etc.
  3. The Nicotine trick: the physiological effects of Nicotine on the body.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has an 85% success rate with Quit smoking because works at the unconscious level.

It helps you to change the value that you placed on smoking and change the habits that support the behaviour. As for the third issue listed above – I have good news. When it comes to the affects of Nicotine on the body, once you stop smoking Nicotine is gone from your body within 3 days. How incredible is that?!

Ask any smoker to reflect on the first experience with a cigarette and they can tell you exactly where and when they had their first puff of a cigarette. It was usually before they were 20 years old. The interesting thing for a smoker to consider is why they continue to smoke even though they grow older and wiser. It isn’t logical and the bad affects on health are well known and documented.

If you are a smoker and made a resolution to Quit, I would like to ask you a question.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to give up smoking?

If you are a 7 or above – make an appointment to come and see Linda Funnell-Milner at the Family Wellness Centre to help you quit smoking. You will be surprised how easy and effortless it is. Book online by clicking here today.

Quit smoking today

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