Booking online with upgraded Ezybook 3.

We’ve used the ezybook system for many years now. Our customers give us great feedback about it, but they’ve recently upgraded their system. Let’s walk you through the basics of the new online booking.

Step 1:

Click the link to book online with us, through our parent clinic Family Wellness Centre.

Step 2:

Click the Green Book Now button.

book online Katika Funnell

Step 3:

Select your booking type on the far left of screen – Next to Katika, click the grey “book” button.

Online booking Katika Funnell


Step 4:

Choose your appointment type, eg Fertility Acupuncture Initial Consult (90 mins)

Katika funnell online booking


Step 5:

The calendar should appear, scroll through by using the navigation buttons “this week”, “next week”, “this month”, “next month”  or even the calendar days or dates to find something that suits you. Click on that time allocation.

Spring Fertility ezybook


Step 6:

Enter your contact information, then click the green button, confirm your booking.

Ezybook Spring fertility


Book online family wellness centre

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