We’re Moving!.

We have finalised a NEW Location! 

Thank you to everyone that has supported our decision to move onto the next adventure!
As I explained in the previous email, Vanessa and I will be moving together to practice out of a different location. We are excited to announce that we have finalised a place that is close by...literally 2 doors up!

My days remain the same: Tuesday 8am-7pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm.

Focus Physio
1/37 Kentwell Rd, Allambie Heights NSW 2100

Some of you may already know Sally Postma, the physiotherapist, if you're a local. We are happy to be joining forces and working together.
You can still book online here.

The start date at the new premises will be
TUESDAY November 20th 2018.
Thankyou for all the kind and supportive messages that have been FLOODING in!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon in the new place!

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