Moving to Brookvale.

Relax...It's all good!

A year flies past in the world of small-business. We only just moved 12 months ago when we closed the original FWC clinic, but the right fit is important for a clinic to succeed.

Things didn't work for us in Allambie and that's ok. Like anything in Life you can only take the next step and then reassess the situation. Onwards and upwards!

We will miss Allambie but we are still in the same postcode!
We are sad to leave our neighbourhood there where we have been for the past 12 years. We are now only down the road in Brookvale, walking distance to the Mall and I hope this brings some convenience to your visits with us.

Katika is ready to move forward for 2020 and provide you with the same great customer service, acupuncture and support that you've always had.

Katika's days are increasing BUT CHANGING to:

  • Mondays 8am - 8pm
  • Thursday 1pm - 6pm
  • Saturday 1pm - 6pm
  • Online booking remains the same!

The reason for Katika changing days
She will be joining Vanessa from The Willow Clinic Osteopathy to share a room in the new premises.
To make this happen, Katika's days are changing, but increasing to give you plenty of choice. Let's see how it works with your appointments and discuss it with you in the New Year.

Parking Access:

  • 1hr on-street parking in Dale St (Free)
  • Inside Brookvale Medical Centre Carpark for $2
  • Westfields Warringah Mall 3 hrs free

We hope the new location allows clients to multitask being in close proximity to the Mall for shopping, errands. Also more central for those using public transport.

About the new clinic space:

  • Treatment room has a window with natural light, fresh air
  • Bigger room, higher ceilings
  • Large reception area
  • The clinic is UPSTAIRS
  • Toilets located within the clinic

Smooth transition
Thankyou for your understanding during this time, we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible, so you can focus on preparing for Christmas and Summer Holidays.

We will keep reminding you over the next 6 weeks of the new location so all clients know exactly where we are.

We appreciate your support in doing what is best for our clients and clinic's success.

Katika moving to Brookvale

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