Menopausal Transition & Acupuncture.

Hot Flushes is not part of every woman's Menopausal Transition. There are a long list of signs and symptoms that may start once your cycle becomes more irregular again leading up to The Big Change of Life. Let's take a look at  how Acupuncture may help with symptomatic relief

There's a whole lot of changes going on during Peri Menopause, Menopausal Transition and once you're Post Menopausal.

An average Menopausal Transition is between 4-7 years in length.

Early stage Menopause is when duration is variable and cycles may differ by more than 7 days.

Late stage Menopause is when duration is variable and cycles are variable; some cycles skipped and experiencing some intervals of no period (amenorrhoea).

Final Menstruation Period (FMP) is when duration has been one year of cessation of periods.

Post menopause when you've had no period for the past 4 years.


The "Change of Life" includes the following:

HPO Axis changes - The brain and control centre of our hormones changes starts having disruptions to the negative feedback loops for certain hormones with GnRH, FSH and LH starting to increase and Oestrogen, Progesterone and Inhibin starting to decline.

Ovarian Changes

Adrenal Steroid changes

Endometrium changes - the lining becomes thin

Menstrual changes - Irregularity and poor to no ovulation.

Central Thermo-regulation changes - Hot flushes and night sweats! Heart rate, skin tmeprature and Blood pressure may start to increase

Central Nervous System changes - Sleep may become disrupted, light, restless. Memory may decline.

Psychological changes - Mood up and downs, poor concentration, impaired memory, depression.


How may Chinese Medicine help Menopausal Transition?

Hot Flushes & Night Sweats

Empty Heat is a concept in Chinese Medicine to describe heat that isn't over the top, excessive, obvious heat. This means the heat signs and symptoms may show up at night or be mild to moderate and erratic. This may apply to you if your getting night sweats or hot flushes that are mild to moderate, feeling warmer but not severe heat. The tongue may have cracks and you may have other signs of dryness such as dry skin, hair, nails, eyes, scalp or vagina. Empty Heat = Mild heat signs.

Its all about the intensity of the hot flushes - you could also have what we call Full Heat, with sudden, up-rushing of intense heat that makes you feel overwhelmed easily and you can't cool down again. Burning, redness and severe heat intensity. The tongue will look more red. Full Heat = Extreme temperatures.

Acupuncture points are chosen to cool the body down, try and regulate the body's natural thermostat. I use Dr Brian Grosham's Menopause protocols which are based on his clinical trials.

Some of his protocol points include:

Liver 2 - Clears heat and Liver fire, draws excess Yang down.

Kidney 6 -

Heart 7 - Calms the mind, clears heat and Heart Fire.

We also look at your wholistic picture:

Are you having trouble SLEEPING?

Then I select acupuncture points to help quieten a busy mind and calm the brain and nervous system down to allow a deep and more restful sleep.

Are you experiencing MOOD changes? Anger, teariness, anxiety?

I choose points to help calm the spirit, soothe the Heart Qi and smooth out Stuck Liver Qi. Addressing emotional balance is really important part of any acupuncture treatment, especially with Menopause.

What are your ENERGY levels like?

Targeting points to stimulate energy production, effective digestion and making sure you're not running on Adrenaline such as a "Tired and Wired" pattern. How can we build up your energy reserves to improve your day to day quality of life during your Menopausal Transition?

Chinese Herbal Medicine may offer symptomatic relief as well.

I use China Med Capsules and Herb Booth Dispensary granules to construct herbal medicine formulas specifically for your combination of symptoms that are bothering you the most. I use base formulas that have been well known in Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years and include such  herbs as Rhemannia, Dang Gui , Licorice, Scute and Dioscorea. The Chinese Herbal Medicine would always complement any Acupuncture you're receiving. We aim to clear heat, nourish Yin, cool the body down and calm a busy mind.

To make an appointment to discuss how Menopause is affecting you and come up with a plan to reduce the intensity of symptoms, book online today.


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