New Patients : Katika is closing her books Mid June 2021.

I'll be closing my books to New Patients Mid June with the reason I can't form substantial rapport with patient/practitioner relationships within a month and that's when the best results happen!

With my Family's news that we are expecting in August, I am going on Maternity leave in July.

I'll be back in January 2022 and open my books to New Patients again then, so building practitioner/patient relationships will be easy again.

So if you need an appointment and you're a New Patient, you've still got a couple weeks to make it in for Acupuncture with me before I go on leave.

You may think it's easier if you have a sore elbow or sore foot, a sore finger and only need 3 acupuncture treatments, that having a Practitioner you trust and depend on is less important.

My regular clients tell me, they benefit more from their treatments having a solid rapport, trust and connection with me, having got to know me over more than a month. In acute care, you may not care who I am or how I work and just want something "fixed" quickly. Unfortunately, I am not a body mechanic. I can't replace parts, offer a quick fix or silver bullet approach.

But there is what's reasonable and achievable in acupuncture and knowing how long something take to recover.

More often than not I find clients are sussing me out in the first session, as much I as I am them! You may be thinking:

Does she know what she's talking about?

Is she experienced?

Do I feel a result after the acupuncture session?

Was her needle technique acceptable for me?

Do I like her communication style? Was she clear in her recommendations?

Do I trust her? These are such subjective and qualitative factors that all form part of a good, solid and workable patient/ practitioner relationship. It's normal questions to raise in your mind before choosing to commit to a short or longer course of treatment.

But I find the best results come from having a Practitioner you know and trust that you work with and I feel I can't give that to people that would be meeting me for the first time in end June, start July.

I had a similar experience with my last Pregnancy - I employed an Acupuncture Locum (stand-in practitioner to handle my client load) who was fantastic and treated in a very similar style to me. But New Patients who just met me moved on with her when she finished and I came back to work. Also New Patients who never met me but came in because of my marketing moved with her as well, because the relationship was built with her and not me (being absent). All this showed me was HOW important that Practitioner relationship is. It is EVERYTHING!

My last day for New Patients will be:

BROOKVALE: Thursday 17th June

TERREY HILLS: Wed 16th June

After that I will be referring New patients enquiring with me to the lists of Practitioners I have provided here in other blogposts and database emails.

But for now you still got a couple days before I close my books - check out my online booking calendar here.

Brookvale days are Mon, Thu Sat - Book online here

Terrey Hills Days are Wed and Fri -  Book online here

I will be officially on Maternity leave from 15th July 2021- Dec 31st 2021. I will be starting the New Year afresh in January. I look forward to seeing Regular clients then and meeting any New Patients and building that rapport in a working relationship for your best Acupuncture outcomes. Thanks for your understanding.

New Patients

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