Can Acupuncture help Sinus pressure?.

Get relief fast - Help Your Sinus With Simple Acupressure or Acupuncture.

Q: Is your Bi Tong or Ying Xiang sore?
A: My what?!?!

Winter is a time for sinus congestion and with that comes foggy headedness, sinus pain, sinus headaches, sneezing attacks & post nasal drip…drip…dripping like a tap.

Instead of waiting for a doctor to give a prescription to a waiting room full of other people coughing & sneezing, Natural Medicine can offer immediate relief for these symptoms using Acupuncture or Acupressure right now.
Let’s look at some key acupressure points for relief of the nose...

Bi Tong is found at the nose where the cartilage & bridge or bony part of the nose starts, on both sides.

Ying Xiang, aka Large Intestine 20, is found either side of the nostrils, on the outside of your nose.

A good way to effectively reach these points is to use the knuckle of your index finger. So try it, tuck your index finger in and start poking around the sides of your nose. Is it sore?

Soreness or sensitivity around an acupuncture point can mean it’s the appropriate point to treat, needle or massage at that time. Chinese Medicine revolves around meridians and the flow of qi. When qi doesn’t flow, it gets stagnant and accumulates in the local area, causing soreness. Acupuncture & Acupressure works because it simply moves stuck qi to ensure it’s smooth flow. When your qi is flowing; clearer breathing, less sneezing and a clearer head with improved ability to concentrate & focus, will be the result.

Sinus congestion is all about stagnation & blockage, since the symptoms show up as blockages! Mucus Congestion blocks the ability of breathing clearly through the nose, as well as the other signs of loss of sense of smell, heaviness in the head and headaches.

To give your nose a break, apply pressure to these points for 1 min at a time giving short breaks in between. This will provide relief for the congestion and associated pain. For more complicated symptoms associated with your sinus problems, try Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine to bring long lasting relief. It’s drug & pain free and it’s natural!

Sinus congestion

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