Flu Stop Winter Remedy.

My Favourite Winter Remedy By: Lee Formica

‘Flu-Stop!’ Complex, now renamed 'Winter Defense' is a great remedy for the winter months. We also have 'Sinus Pain' Complex now available at Family Wellness Centre Reception.

  • a weekly ‘preventative’ to resist infection,
  • a fantastic ‘go to’ remedy for the first signs of feeling unwell & run down
  • contains remedies traditionally used for cold symptoms.
  • may assist sinus pain for the forehead, nose, cheeks and eyes.

‘Winter Defense’ contains a combination of homeopathic remedies traditionally used for symptoms associated with the flu such as aching muscles and joints, fever, headache, weakness, sore throat and watery eyes, flushing of the face, and coughing.

‘Winter Defense’ is useful in a few ways. Firstly it can be used as a weekly preventative remedy during the winter months. Secondly it is a great ‘go to’ remedy at the first signs of feeling unwell (stopping the illness from taking hold). In addition, ‘Winter Defense’ is tailored to treat the common symptoms associated with the flu and helps promote a natural recovery.

Similar with the 'Sinus Pain' combo homeopathic remedy. If you suffer from pain and headaches as a result of Sinus congestion. This is a good option to consider especially if you have tried over the counter medications that don't bring relief or bring unwanted side effects such as feeling sleepy or drowsy. Homeopathic Remedies can work on symptom and or cause with little side effects.

Contains homeopathics traditionally used for the symptoms of sinus pain (around forehead, eyes, cheeks and nose) and associated pressure, congestion or facial tenderness.

Instructions: Shake the bottle.

Place 5 drops into the mouth.

Dose every 2 – 4 hours until symptoms start to improve, and then re-dose only if needed.

If there is no improvement at all by 3 doses, stop and consult your health practitioner.

Take only according to instructions.
Further information is available on the information sheet provided with each bottle of ‘Winter Defense’

Both Remedies are suitable for all ages and will not interact with other prescribed medications. Each bottle contains 120 doses.

‘Winter Defense’ & "Sinus Pain' drops are now available at Family Wellness Centre reception for $22. To order your bottle for pick-up, please call Linda at reception weekdays 9am-1pm.

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