14 Tips that will improve your work posture.

Posture can be hard to maintain if we have injury or weakness in our neck, shoulder & back muscles.

At work we can get absorbed in what we're doing and not be aware of how long we're sitting or standing. We do this day in and day out, wondering why we end up with a sore neck, lower back, sciatica or even headaches.

This week in practice I have had 3 patients reporting in with back pain. In all three cases, the main cause of their symptoms has been from working at their desk for 8 hours and sitting in a bad position.

Unfortunately, if you work at a PC all day it is likely that at some point in your working week you will feel a stiffness or discomfort in your lower back and/or in between your shoulder blades.

Most of us are under stress to meet deadlines and perform to our best capabilities, so we can get out of the office and get home at a reasonable time to our loved ones. We are not really thinking about our posture when sitting and typing away, replying to emails and working on presentations and spreadsheets.

Tips include:
1.  Sit back in your chair and use the back as a support and let the chair do the work
when  rotating from side to side.

2.  Take regular breaks from your desk and get up and walk around every half hour -
Studies have shown that people cannot sit properly for more than 20 minutes.

3.  Try to avoid prolonged sitting, especially when you’re getting tired

4.  When sitting at your desk, try to replicate the same upper body posture that you would adopt if you were standing i.e. upright


For more the full article with all 14 tips for workplace posture,  from our Osteopath Vanessa Fisher, click here:

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