Does Grief Have To Last?.

By Demartini Facilitator, Tina Bakalla

What happens when you experience grief or loss? It can be a time where there's a lot to cope with. A mixed range of emotions, tiredness and wondering when things will change and you can move forward. Tina Bakalla, Demartini Facilitator, gives us her perspective on Grief.

DOES GRIEF have to last, weeks months or even years?

No it does not, but most people suffering from it seem unable to know how to free themselves and therefore believe it is something they have to endure with the belief "it will pass" in time.

When people are in grief they are actually going through the emotional believe that something is missing, that they have lost something or the EVENT they grieve should not have happened. They start to see, hear or remember things that they think they are missing and it creates a trigger to set of their grief over and over again and again .

A VERY simple way to get out of grief is to note down all the things that are perceived to be missing and see how they have transformed. In other words, who or what is now displaying these "missing" things.

When you start to look, it is amazing what starts to appear and manifest and how this new way in which “The missing” is being displayed can been seen in a whole new light. It enlightens you. It moves you, it frees you.

There is a universal law that states "Nothing is ever missing" and everything transforms. This especially applies to grief and is the vehicle to relief.

When the complementary opposite feelings of grief and relief are simultaneously brought together into perfect balance with the application of the Demartini Method® a liberating open hearted feeling of love and gratitude emerges, which liberating.

There is no reason to stay in the belief that grief is a Process that will pass with time”. Tina Bakalla

To make an appointment with Tina to discuss grief in your situation, please book online here or contact reception on 9938 1090 today.

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