Fibromyalgia, Acupuncture & Magnesium.


Fibromyalgia is a condition that can lead to serious daily pain. Some sufferers may find it difficult to even do everyday tasks. Management of fibromyalgia might seem like a daunting task. However, it is possible.  Here, we will tell sufferers of fibromyalgia just how managing their condition is possible. We will also tell you a bit more about just what fibromyalgia is.

What is Fibromyalgia?

As a disorder, fibromyalgia may manifest itself in a variety of ways in patients. Pain is the most common symptom. Fatigue and sleep are two very common symptoms. Patients may also experience issues with:
• Pain all over the body
• Fatigue
• Memory & vagueness
• Mood issues are also typical.
• Headaches,
• Depression,
• Abdominal pain and cramping are normally reported.

Doctors classify fibromyalgia as a musculoskeletal pain disorder. Studies show us that this disorder might cause pain signals in the body to be amplified. Although symptoms of this disorder can be managed, there is no cure for it. Without proper management of stress and symptoms, sufferers might find that their condition gradually worsens. Natural Options for

Managing Your Symptoms
With this myriad of symptoms, sufferers may wonder how they can manage their fibromyalgia symptoms. Thankfully, there are options. Two of the most effective options for management of fibromyalgia is using acupuncture & magnesium.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice where very thin needles are inserted into particular points of the body. Practitioners of acupuncture are aware of 18 fibromyalgia spots to place needles. With needle placement in these spots, pain associated with the disorder can be greatly reduced. The relaxation that patients experience during this treatment may also help to reduce symptoms. Acupuncture is totally natural, safe for nearly all patients, and can be done as often as wanted.

Yet another option for pain management with fibromyalgia is adding magnesium supplements to your diet. Magnesium should be used in conjunction with other treatment methods and medications to help manage your symptoms. It is thought that the body not being able to transform fat into ATP may increase the symptoms of this disorder. But taking magnesium can counteract that. It can also help to regulate some nerve receptors in the brain. Some symptoms of fibromyalgia are also symptoms of not having enough magnesium.

By using acupuncture, sufferers can greatly reduce the severity of their symptoms of FM. Supplements like magnesium may also be able to help. To find out more speak to our Acupuncturist or Nutritionist or you can book online here.


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