How to get motivated when you feel stuck?.

You don't know what you want, you have trouble making decision, feel overwhelmed or down right flat when it comes to thinking about the year ahead. You know what you want is out there, because you're certainly not feeling great about where you are right now. But how do you get from here to there? And the lack of feeling motivated? If only there was a road map or instructions.... Well, did you know the solutions are within you?

Janet Gibson is a Counsellor and facilitates Wellness Reflective Seminars to guide people towards what they really want. Whether it be financial freedom, managing stress better, feeling more calm and happy, a regular exercise regime or simply making self-care a priority. There are endless goals and aspirations we all want, so how do you take steps to achieve them when you feel flat and exhausted? How do you get motivated again?

"A Thousand mile journey begins with a single step." ~ Lao Tsu

Lao Tsu was talking about great things coming from humble beginnings. To begin your journey of transformation, consider attending Janet's Wellness Reflective Seminar, where she can help you take that first step, of setting some realistic goals. She includes a workbook and exercised to help you get motivated again.

FREE Wellness Reflective Seminar
Kickstart 2017 with a fresh perspective, new goals and the motivation to accomplish them.

This FREE 2 hour seminar creates space in your life to reflect on bringing about positive outcomes for the new year ahead.
January 15th 10am or 2pm. Reserve your place by calling reception on 9938 1090 now!

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