3 Tips for a Nutrition Reboot.

Here are 3 Easy tips to get your Nutrition back on track this Summer after a Winter of colds, flus and illness. Its time for Comfort food to take a back seat as you embrace the colours and flavours of Seasonal food during Summer.

1. Now that is what I call a Salad
Salads are a wonderful way to deliver high density nutrients and flavour into your daily life. They’re quick to make and can travel so easily anywhere with you, which makes them super convenient. They are full of fibre that supports your ‘good gut bacteria’ and help to keep those spikes in blood sugar levels on an even keel.
A salad with some leaves, tomato & cucumber is ok. However there are hundreds of ways to supercharge them by adding ‘al Dante’ vegetables and light grains so even better! Here is a recipe my clients’ love that serves as a base for inspiration. Play with the colour and textures to suit your own and family tastes. – see the Nourish Bowl Recipe by clicking here.

2. Tropical Fruit – ‘some of the time’

Summer is a time when those dark red, blue and purple fruits are in season in all their glory and not to mention affordable for the family.  Summer is also a time of in season Mangoes, Pineapple, Bananas and other tropical fruits.  Not to mention the wonderful array of stone fruits like nectarines, peaches and apricots.  Let’s not forget grapes.

When it comes to sugar content – not all fruits are equal   Here are some comparisons you may be interested in - especially when you consider that 1 tsp of sugar is = 5 grams of carbohydrate.

Net carbs per 100 grams of fruit.

  • Strawberries (6 grams) vs Mango (13 grams)
  • Raspberries (5 grams) vs Banana (20 grams – yes that is equivalent to 4 tsp of sugar!) No wonder we love them!
  • Blackberries (5 grams) vs Grapes (16 grams)
  • Blueberries (12 grams) vs Pineapple (12 grams)

All fruits in moderation are a wonderful way to add phytonutrients, colour and flavour to your nutrition.  Be mindful of your sugar levels throughout the day.

Whatever you do – don’t avoid them because they are definitely a better choice than that cafe muffin or supermarket snack bar or a can of soft drink.

3. Water, Water, Water

Water is important as it facilitates almost every chemical reaction in our bodies – it does a lot of heavy lifting for us.  Keeping properly hydrated in warmer weather is important – I’m sure you have read many articles on this.

The recommended level of water intake is 6 – 8 glasses a day.  The way we measure that is often disputed – what is in (tea, coffee?) and what is out (alcohol?)

To help you calculate your own individual requirement, I have here a link to a Hydration Calculator that will help you work that out.

It’s fun and the results are Surprising! I certainly was surprised (note to self – drink more water).



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Eat the rainbow

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