Join Our 7 Day Sleep Challenge.

We have designed a 7 day sleep challenge for those clients to go through step-by-step strategies that can help them get a better night's rest. Join us for just one week to look at your your sleep and how to improve it.

Clients coming in to see us for various health reasons often remark on how average their sleep is. Whether it be difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking in the night with a busy mind and not being able to relax again, its a common ailment that many of us experience.

Its been reported on ABC 702 that 50% of Australians experience insomnia at some point in our lives and 20-30% have Insomnia on a more regular basis.

Sleep is absolutely crucial to our moods, recovery & repair from injury and overall happiness. Why we don't value sleep as much as physical exercise or nutrition is a puzzle and it should be considered just as important. The stress in leading busy lives with job security, family, work, childcare and bills to pay all contribute to creating a wired and tired nervous system.

Join us in this email course to learn and make changes:

  • Learn about what makes the perfect sleep environment
  • What habits promote sleep and those that hinder it.
  • How many hours you need to really feel great - we are not all the same!
  • Noticing what external influences disrupt you during the night and how to deal with them
  • Why a regular waketime is priceless

You can sign up for the FREE email course here. Just choose which week you want to get started and sit back as the challenge for that day gets delivered to your inbox.

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