What Does Your Tongue Say About You?.

Tongue diagnosis can say a lot about your health. What is your tongue trying to show you?

Chinese Medicine states what's happening on the inside can be deciphered by looking at the outside.

Looking at the tongue is a specific and refined Chinese Medicine diagnostic method originating in the Shang Dynasty of the 16th Century BC.

Our Chinese Medicine practitioners can gather a lot of information from your tongue including if your immune system is weak, the general condition of your blood and body fluids. They can also tell if you're suffering any current illnesses, low energy levels, whether your body has too much heat or cold and even which part of your body is affected by your presenting problem.

The Body

Your Tongue body colour will reveal your long term health, blood & energy condition. A pale tongue indicates the need to tonify blood as in the case of anaemia or chronic fatigue.

A dark or purplish tongue means your blood needs moving because it's stagnant, as seen in migraines or period problems.

Body Shape

Thin or swollen, long or short,any cracks or ulcers relate to the condition of the body fluids and energy flow. A swollen tongue means fluids aren't circulating as they should and can accompany swollen ankles, puffy face and weak appetite. Teeth marks around the edges are a sign of a swollen tongue. Cracks or ulcers indicate heat or a consumption of body fluids in the body- similar to the cracked earth during drought or extreme heat.

The Coat

Coat is analysed by its colour and thickness, representing the Stomach's condition or any superficial illness such as colds and flu. TCM differentiates between illness that induces heat and cold. Heat pathogens cause a yellow tongue coat with fever, sweats, thirst and a sore throat. Cold pathogens cause a white tongue coat with chills, body aches and desire for warmth.

Thickness of the coat shows how severe the digestive sluggishness or pathogen is- the thicker it is the more severe. So for example if a tongue coat is yellow and thick in the Lung area of the tongue, it is likely this person may have a cough with coloured phlegm after a viral infection with a big fever, and our TCM practitioner will use these visual prompts to ask the appropriate questions. Next time you have a cold take a look at your tongue in the mirror to see what's happening to your body!


Excessive dryness appears on the coat as a velvety texture. Fluid retention shows with a shiny surface. A Dry or Wet tongue indicates body fluids not being dispersed in the right places and need to be circulated through herbal or acupuncture treatment.

If you notice signs of a thick coat, swollen body, or deep cracks on a tongue of a friend or family member, THEY NEED TREATMENT! Tongues can be read like a book, and theirs may be trying to tell them something! Call The Family Wellness Centre Today on 9938 1090 to speak to our TCM Practitioners about what your tongue is saying about your health.



Tongue Diagnosis

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